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Tips To Increase Laptop Battery Life HP Dell Lenovo & Other Laptop

You might have came across the problem of battery draining and all you want is a good battery life for your laptop .Well increasing your battery life is totally on your hand you don’t need any special software or hardware for increasing the battery life.A goof battery life is still a dream for many people who work on their laptop for continuous hours or for those who always charged for giving presentations to the corporate world.Here in today’s post we will be discussing about the best method to increase laptop battery life ads using these methods you don’t want haven to worry for your battery again .Lets begin the topic.

We often see that as our laptops gets older the battery backup decreases gradually and suddenly a times comes when we hardly get 30 minutes of run time on our laptops and we kept thinking of replacing the old battery with the new one but using these methods given below you people can certainly increase your battery life for upto 40 percent and also these methods are worth to use as there is not any harm in trying these.



  • LIMIT THE BRIGHTNESS OF YOUR SCREEN – Always try work in normal brightness as working in full brightness on night can harm your eyes as well as it reduces the battery life .
  • AlWAYS UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARES – Its good to have the latest version of softwares installed in your laptops as old version software use to take a lot of power than the updated version so always try to update your softwares frequently .
  • DUPLICATE CHARGER – Using a replica or duplicate laptop charger can also cause drain in your battery as it can affect your battery while you charge it ,So always use original charger compatible with the laptop .Replica charger supplies low power to the battery which is not a good sign and you should avoid the charger .
  • ALWAYS USE A HEAT SINK FOR YOUR LAPTOP – You should always use a heat exhaust for your laptop specially in summers when your laptops gets overheated and also never use your laptop on your pillow or blanket as it can block the air vents of your laptop which can result in overheating .
  • HIBERNATE YOUR LAPTOP – Hibernating your laptop is more better option than making your laptop sleep because sleeping still makes use of the battery . So always make sure that you hibernate your laptop then using the sleep mode.
  • UNPLUG THE CHARGER WHEN ITS FULL –  should i leave my laptop plugged in with the battery charged this question is asked by many peoples and here is the answer . many of we makes this mistakes of not plugging out the charger when our laptop battery is full this can result in loos in battery life , so always plug out the charger as you see the laptop battery has been fully charged

  • TURN OFF WIFI AND BLUETOOTH – Always make sure that you have turned off your wifi and bluetooth this can save your laptop battery for sure .
  • USE SCREENSAVERS – Using screen savers can result in increase in battery life compared to idle screen .

With this article you can also solve the issue of how to increase battery life of laptop windows 10.

With the help of these methods you guys can surely increase the battery life of your laptop .So this was all about how you can how to Increase Laptop Battery Life .If you have any query then feel free to drop the comment below your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and if you liked the article then please share this on Whatsapp , Facebook and twitter also subscribe our newsletter for latest tech updates.

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