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Tinder has become the most popular online dating app as millions of peoples have downloaded the app.Tinder app was founded by Mateen, Rad, and Badeen in 2012 and since from then it has become most popular swiping app where users uses swiping motion to choose between photos as it is an online dating app so it uses location services to find people nearby your locality and shows mutual interest between the two people which allows you to find better date person .Tinder can be linked with Facebook account as you don’t have to signup especially for tinder but what if i say that you can use tinder without Facebook account and by reading this article you can use tinder without Facebook login  along with that it will also  explain you all in detail and your all doubts about tinder and Facebook connectivity will be cleared so lets begin .

Tinder is highest rated dating application available for android and it requires Facebook account to login , now days you can see all the leading application requires Facebook signup as Facebook is ruling the internet over billions of users Facebook can be ranked no. 1 on the internet .now the question arises that can i use tinder without Facebook ? and the answer is NO you can’t use tinder without Facebook but you can limit the interference of this Tinder App with your Facebook account in other words we can say that you can  limit Tinder’s access to your Facebook account by improving Facebook privacy.In other words we can that you use tinder app without facebook .


  • As we all know that tinder requires Facebook account so the social life of Facebook get merged with your personal life But sometimes you don’t want your personal life with your social life and in this case you don’t want to login with Facebook .
  • You shouldn’t login with Facebook account as it will access all your contacts from the contact list . If you  click on ‘yes’ to ‘view your contacts’ then Tinder will look all your contacts in your friend list to find a perfect match for you and you surely will be not pleased while someone is looking in your contacts.
  • Next most important reason of not linking tinder account with Facebook is that tinder automatically synchronized the photos as you don’t want your tinder photos to be shared on Facebook.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Login :

HOW TO LIMIT TINDER INTERFERENCE IN FACEBOOK ( Use Tinder Without a Facebook account 2017 )

1. A new clone account for Facebook

  • Create a new fresh Facebook account with all your details  So basically , it is not a fake account but a copy to your original account the only difference is that it is fresh

  • Signup with Facebook on tinder app and now you will have a fresh account with all your information your real name and profile picture
  • That’s all done While you can manage your original account for the regular Facebook-kind stuffs, you can use the copy account for Tinder chats and fixing dates in this way you will socially safe

     2. You can Improve Facebook privacy

  • First, login to your account.
  • Then press the lock icon and click on more settings  at the bottom of the list
  • After  Then, tap on “APPS” there  You’ll see a number of linked apps.

  • Now select the tinder app and tap on the Tinder app and change the App visibility to “only me”. By doing this activity Tinder app would not be able to post on your behalf and you don’t have to be worried about tinder posting on Facebook.So by this method you get the solution to  how to sign up for tinder without facebook .
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So this was about how you can use tinder without Facebook account or anonymously, however, there is no official method for this and I hope you like the article and if so then please share this article with your friends and others as maybe someone can get help from this.If you have any questions or suggestions then please write in the comment section below your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated thanks for visiting TECHUNOL .