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How To Remove Write Protection From SD Card

Hello friends , sometimes while inserting your sd card to your device or laptop you receives an error that informs you that the disk is “write-protected.”  and you gets frustrated as you don’t have any option .First of all we would like to tell you that Disks that are write-protected will prevent you from copying, deleting, or writing new data to the disk.You can easily remove the write protection of micro sd card  and here in today’s article we will the share the methods of removing write protection from memory card.So without wasting time lets get started .

How to remove write protection from micro sd card :

Removing write protection of memory cards is quite easy all you have to follow the steps given here .First of all check whether you sd card has lock or not i many cases users forget to unlock the lock switch given on the sd card adapter .Image is given below.


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Next method is formatting sd card using windows.just follow the simple steps to format using windows:

  • Insert your sd card to your laptop using micro sd card reader .
  • After that click on start and then right click on  my computer
  • As you right click the my computer tab you will a list displaying  manage option just click on manage
  • After that when you click on manage , computer management window will appear
  • Click on disk management in the storage tab .

  • Now you will see list of All the storage devices you are currently using and then right click on sd card and click on format
  • click the checkbox which will display ” perform quick format ” and then finally click on ok
  • All done now , you have successfully formatted your sd card and have removed write protection of memory  card.

Another method which comes in our mind is  registry editor . write protection problem can easily solved using registry editor.Just follow the simple steps .

  • Click on start menu and type “REGEDIT” and open the >Registry Editor<
  • After that Navigate to the following key: “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies”
  • On the right hand pane of the REGEDIT you’ll find Write protection ,just double click on it and change the values between 1 to 10 and close the REGEDIT
  • Restart the laptop or computer and insert your SD card again in and you’ll find no more find the write protection on it
  • Now you can enjoy write protection free micro sd card .

If the above method  doesn’t work for you then you can use diskpart using command prompt .This will surely help you all you have to do is just follow the simple steps given below .

  1. First of all Open Command Prompt and type diskpart and press Enter key.
  1. As you hit enter type “list disk” and again press Enter button.
  1. Now type “select disk 1” to select your sd card and press Enter key again.
  1. In order to  remove write protection from sd card type “attributes disk clear read only” and hit Enter.
  2. You are all done now , you can  now type exit to exit from the command prompt


So this all about our new article How you can  remove write protection from micro sd card in windows 10 and  we hope many of you would be having those write protected memory cards however you can use this process in order to remove write protection from Pen drive in windows 7  and can enjoy your media on them .if you people found this article helpful then please share this with your social media buddies  as we had done a great hardwork and research on this for making it useful to you .IF you have any query then fl free to drop the comment , Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed .Thank for visiting Techunol , stay subscribed for more updates .