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Nova launcher prime is the best thing that has ever happened to Android devices till now, endless customization is the best part of this handy app.The app is developed by Tesla coil software which offers you two variant of this app first one is Nova launcher which is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from the google play store and another one is Nova launcher prime for which you have to spend around three dollar [RS 150] .So basically we can say that Nova launcher comes with free version and paid version both it’s up to you which version do you use.

While talking about the nova launcher prime apk  2017 this can be downloaded from google play store for rs 150 and after that you are welcome in the world of endless customization. But we need to purchase the paid version as there are limited features in the free version of this cool app ,if you are can adjust with the free version then it’s ok you don’t have to pay for paid app.millions of users have downloaded the app on their respective devices ,it is the best and popular launcher and will continue to be as so many customization apps, widgets and templates are available with quick gestures. If you want to access free apps for free check this out Lucky Patcher For iOS.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Download

This app has always been spectacular, especially if you learn all about its features along with that it works with no lag and lets you to set up exactly you want.However, all the other launcher are extremely boring and aren’t user-friendly. The app is fast snappy and comes with better customization and doesn’t slow down the system

so let’s do have a look on the cool features of  both the app [Paid and non- paid ]

Features Of Nova launcher prime APK 2017 [Free Version ]

  • Scrollable dock and widgets in the dock: You can Create multiple docks and can keep Keep all your favorite apps and widgets on the dock up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages and can scroll between them.

  • Icon themes: You can find thousands of different icon themes for Nova Launcher in the google Play Store, you can also control the colors for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds in no time

  • Custom grid : this feature enables you to choose rows and column of apps on home screen according to your need , you can choose upto 12 rows and 12 column each for your apps.
  • Customize App Drawer – Vertical or Horizontal scrolling can be customized and you can also Categorize your apps into custom tabs and folder within the app drawer.
  • Backup/Restore – this cool features enables you to backup and restore system desktop layout and launcher settings so that users can again avail the previous themes and layout after the restore.
  • Scroll effects:  Scroll effect is pretty cool features which allow you to choose effects which include Cube and Cardstack effects.
  • Icon size and layout: You can increase or decrease the icon size according to your need also you can hide the labels of the icons


Features Of Nova Launcher Prime APP [Paid version ]

NOTE  - The above features remains same for nova launcher prime apk along with these features here are the extra
 features that lets you to do endless customization 


  • Icon size and layout: You can increase or decrease the icon size according to your need also you can hide the labels of the icons along with that option for icon transparency comes in the app.

  • Gestures : Swipe, pinch or double tap you can do more on the home screen just to open your favorite apps or widgets the gestures features only comes with the prime app.

  • Icon hide: this features lets you to hide your never used apps and will clear your homepage and will make it more free.
  • Icon swipes : you can set various actions for swiping on the app just by turning this features on.
  • Unread counts and more scroll effects: nova launcher prime plugin allows you to never miss a message on your phone along with that more scroll effects such as animated, air, bubbles and wipe can be seen.

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So this was all about the nova launcher prime 2017 apk I hope you have understood the difference between the both the app, I have also given the download link above for both the app it up to you what you download.Many of the users have decided to pay for nova launcher prime beta apk after using the free version this is because Nova launcher prime paid apk comes with the endless customization.I hope you like the post and if you find this post helpful please share it with your friends.Thanks for visiting.