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How To Clean iPhone Speaker And Mic

Some times you wonder that even if you are the most careful iPhone user on the earth then also you are bound to come across problems of dust and pocket lint accumulating in your iPhone’s speakers and mic.Your iPhone speakers and microphone holes can collect dust, lint and which needs to be clean at a certain period of time .Many of us aren’t  aware of  how to dust free iPhone speaker and mic. In today’s post we will be discussed out this major problem faced by all the iPhone users in the world. You may also like Best iOS/iPhone/iPad Emulator For Windows PC

It doesn’t matter whether you put you phone in pocket , purse or what case or cover you use , dust and lint will take place in the tiny holes of iPhone speaker and mic over time. These dust and lint can cause deterioration to the sound quality of your iPhone and you have to face low sound quality or poor sound quality. Apple  iPhone is well designed and looks dazzling also then you have to face this problem. Here are some simple methods by which you can clean it all out So here we go and you can check out at least one of the methods given below.

How to clean iPhone 5,6,7 speaker and mic:-

: Cyber clean is special rubber type adhesive which is used for cleaning the  various inlet and outlet ports of the iPhone , all you have to do is just took out some adhesive according to your need and then place over the desired surface you want to clean and then press hard and hold for few seconds after that remove the adhesive from there and you will notice that all the dirt and lint has been sticked on the adhesive and your earpiece or speaker has been cleaned .clean iphone speakers now

  1.  TOOTHPICK : Toothpick which we used in our day to day life is a very good tool for cleaning iPhone speaker grill .Gently insert it in the openings and use it to remove the debris stuck in there.,then gently tap the phone to get it to fall ou. The most important thing is that you can find it easily anywhere .
  2. TRIMMER BRUSH : Brush which is used for cleaning the trimmer can also be utilize in cleaning the iPhone speaker , microphone and earpiece all you have to do is Gently brush the speaker ports and microphone opening to remove any debris that has accumulated.Make sure the brush itself is clean and dryMust Read:- How to clear cookies on iPhone
  3. Alcohol : Alcohol is another good option for cleaning the earpiece and speaker .cotton when dipped in the alcohol can clean the desired surface .
  4. DOUBLE SIDED TAPE : It works just like cyber cream generally it is a foam layer with adhesive strips on both sides ,just cut some part of the tape and  squeezed it into the earpieces depression and kept on doing that until it is all clean, Double sided tape can be find in general stationery shop .
  5. USB VACUUM CLEANER : Vacuum cleaner used for cleaning laptop and keyboard can also be worked for removing dirt and lint from the iPhone small holes .

However, from the given above methods  you can also clean the home button, earphone jack and alert slider . A routine clean up process of iPhone using these above methods  can help you to avoid lint , dust and all types of dirt. If all the above methods aren’t working then i don’t think there is better way than disassembling the iPhone, You have to disassemble the device gently and then you have to clean the speaker holes , mic hole with the help of toothpick or brush however you can use hair dryer also, but before doing that  remove all the parts of the iPhone carefully and as you clean the holes and you found that there is no dust and dirt re assemble the device again with safety .  I hope these methods will help you will be able to take out all the dirt from your device.
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Wrapping It Up:-

So this was all about how to remove dust from iPhone speaker .If you found this post really helpful then please share it with your friends and family members ,your feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and for more updated stay tuned to Techunol .Thanks for visiting .

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