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How To Get Free WiFi In Few Easy Steps

Having a free WiFi is still a dream for many people as we can’t have free access to secured wifi networks.We are living in a generation where peoples are habitual of using internet in their day to day life without internet we can’t imagine our life as beautiful as we live today.As we all know that smartphones has changed our lives and with the invention of technology we having a much better life style to live on this planet .In today’s post we will be discussing about how you can hack wifi for  free as you don’t have to pay or you don’t need any special software or application  for this .So let’s come to the point and start the topic .



Free Wifi Connect Without Password :

In order to connect to free wifi you must have an android device for using free internet.However you don’t need any special device or you don’t have to download any specific software from play store all you have to do is just follow this simple steps given below


  1. First of all go to settings on your smartphone
  2. After that go to WiFi>Add Network
  3. Now all you have to do is add the following network   NAME/SSID   SSDI_1
  4. You have to keep on adding the network till  SSID 8 and SSID_8  [We know this is little annoying but trust me you won’t regret]
  5. Now quickly go near the ATM s around you and as you will reach there you will see that you phone has been connected automatically to one of the SSID but make sure your WiFi is turned on .
  6. However you can try this method near restaurant, cybercafe and shopping malls .
  7. You are done now Enjoy free WiFi .

Tip of the day – Smartphones consumes less battery in comparison to mobile data so whenever you get a free wifi network use it as it will save your data along with that it will also save your battery.


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