5 Best Facial Recognition Search Engines To Search Person’s Faces Online

Facial recognition technology is the most essential for today’s generation as people are more likely to use this technology in their day to day life.If you remember in earlier days people used to have powerful software for doing facial recognition and those were also not free as we have to pay a lot of money for buying them.But in today’s world, we have free search engine and utilities by which we can easily search person’s face online.In today’s post, we will provide you the the best 5 facial recognition search engines by which you can identify person’s face. So let us start the discussion.

Best Facial Recognition Search Engine to Perform Online Face Match

There are many search engine which provide Facial Recognition To Search Person’s Faces Online but here are free facial recognition software / search engine for photos .Below are top 5 search engine for recognition person’s face .

Facial recognition software
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  • GOOGLE FACE SEARCH RECOGNITION – Well you all must be aware of Google face search as it enables you to search the web using pictures.With this search Recognition  Technology, you can search images by uploading a picture to the Google.For using this feature you have to go to google search image page and after that, you will see a camera icon over there.You have to just click on that and upload the picture that you want to search and finally, it will show the result based on the search.

  • PICTRIEV – Pictriev is also one of the best facial recognition search engine / websites which allows  you to access basic information about the person you want to search and also shows you all the celebrities who look like that person in the image.This website offers you to search for free as you don’t have to pay for that.However, it has a fun feature also in which it will show the person’s face  and will match them to celebrities look like faces


  • BETA FACE – BetaFace is one of the leading facial recognition software as it has most premium features than other.The con of this software is that it is not free and you have to pay for it to access premium features of it which are quite cool.However, the software comes with the demo area where you can test the software. Betaface can be downloaded from the internet as it easily available.


  • PICWISER – Well, Picwiser is another great software for ensure their pictures are not being used by other person’s anywhere else without their knowledge.They use the same technique that Google images do .Picwiser uses various official sites to search for the copy of given pictures and replies the data back to you.To use picwiser you have first upload a picture then select search faces from the down the menu.After that  By choosing Search Faces the software searches the images and then by using their face match technology it finds out similar faces from its database.

  • TWINSORNOT.NET – Basically it is a face comparison tool or software by which you can compare two different pictures by uploading them on this tool.As you compare the images it will show that how much similar they are also they will show a percentage to tell how much two faces resemble each other.In order to use it, you just have to do is that click on add a picture and after that click again to add another picture you want to compare as you hit Enter then it will show the resemblance percentage of the two pictures.It is the best free facial recognition software.

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Using these 5 search engine and the tool will definitely help you a lot .So, friends, this was all about our new article best face recognition software for Windows 10.If you found this article helpful then share this on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media sites.Your feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated however if you have any query then feel free to contact us by dropping the comment below.Thanks for visiting Techunol 

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