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How To Check Your Graphics Card In Windows 10

Graphic card is the most essential part of your computer as if we want to play high end games in our computer or laptop then we must have graphic card installed on them .Graphic card enhances the video quality  and lets you to enjoy hassle free gaming .Games for windows operating system comes with system requirements  written on the cd or dvd cover and you can easily find out which games will run on your windows system and which will not . In today’s world of gaming all the new games requires graphic card however you can  check your graphic in your computer before playing any high end video games and if you don’t know how to check then don’t worry, In today’s post we will tell you about how to check graphics card in laptop windows 10. So lets begin .

how to check graphics card memory on windows 10 : how to find out graphic card windows 10 :

Many of you would often forgets about what graphics card you have installed on your computer , also this is the most frequent question asked on the internet but don’t worry here we will provide you the solution . how to find out what gpu i have windows 10 .

  • CPU- Z ( a free utility )

1. DIRECTX DIAGNOSTIC TOOL : This is a pre- installed tool  on your windows 10 and in order to use it just follow the simple steps given below.

  • First of all click start on your windows 10 computer
  • Now type ” dxdiag ” and press enter
  • As you press enter a dialog box appears on the screen
  • Click on the Display tab and now you can get the specs of your graphic card along with the model number.

  • Isn’t the steps are easy ,so enjoy and watch out the properties of your graphic card in windows 10.

2. CPU-Z  : CPU Z is a free utility that can be downloaded over the internet for free, yo don’t have to pay any extra cost for it .This utility allows you to go in depth as it is a in depth monitoring tool . CPU -Z lets you to have a detail look on the graphic card in windows 10 .This free tool gives you more option like you can look up for graphic card name, model number , bios version ,release date ,memory size and memory type .However you can also check GPU clock rate and pixel fill rate.All we want to say that CPU-Z allows you to have a detail look on the specs on the your graphic card in windows 10.In order to install and use it just follow the steps provided below.

  • Download the CPU-Z from the internet as it is free and you can download it for no extra cost
  • After download just install it in your windows 10 computer .
  • After installation , open it and a dialog box will appear like this 
  • Here you can find out all the information about CPU , Motherboard , Graphics and many more .

Another method is also present there just you have to do is

1.Click start on your windows 10 computer

2. After that Right click on Computer and select Properties

3. Now Click on Device Manager

4. As you click on device manager a dialog box appears on the screen , Expand the Display adapters to get a list of video cards installed on your computer .That’s all .

So finally  you can check your graphics card in Windows 10 , you can check either with the DirectX Diagnostic tool or with CPU-Z this is upto you which method you use .In order to have a quick look without installing any special software go for  DirectX Diagnostic tool and if you want to check out the graphic card detail in depth then you must install the CPU-Z utility.However you can get detail of your graphic card by clicking on device manger (steps given above).

Wrapping up :

This was all about how to check graphics card memory in laptop  and i hope that now  you can easily check your graphic card properties in no time also you can now buy or download the games as per your graphic card requirements .If found this article really helpful then please share this with your social media buddies and don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter as we bring latest tech updates  for you daily ,Your feedback and suggestion will be highly appreciated.thanks for visiting Techunol.