Best Root Apps For A Rooted Android Device 2017

You all would be agree with us that rooting an Android device becomes faster and gives better performance than the actual one as rooting an Android device offers you many benefits while we talk about apps,  RAM management or Android OS.The device gives you full power to unleash it all. Rooting an Android device has become a trend nowadays as all the people who want to use their Android at fullest, root their Android devices with no worries.If we recall a couple of years back peoples were afraid of rooting their devices but now the time has gone.In Today’s post, we will share the best apps for rooted android phone and we hope that you will find your best app for your rooted Android device.Let’s get started.

Top 10  root apps for rooted android device 2017:-

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Rooted Android devices apps are also special as they come with premium features for example if you can’t use premium features on any app then you can use its premium features on a rooted Android device with the help of third party apps.You can have ll the access to apps and games with the help of rooted Android device.You should also know the best root apps for an Android device and if you don’t then have a look on the list which we have provided below.

  • BOOT ANIMATION CHANGER – Are you Bored from the same boot screen animation? then try out this.This app lets you change the boot animation of your device.With the help of this app you can also change the UI of your device, can change icon and themes, in one word we can say that you can do endless customization.Boot screen animation is free and can be downloaded from the internet. Boot screen animation app is also ad free.
  • GREENIFY – Greenify is a great app for those who always complains about their battery back-up as this app helps in increasing your battery performance by hibernating all the unwanted apps and by this your battery percentage gets increased. This app is worth trying and easy to use.

  • SMART BOOSTER –  Smart Booster is a boon for those Android users who want to play heavy games without any lag as we often get stuck in between the games due to heavy ram usages so here is a smart booster for you .Basically, Smart Booster digs into your phone’s RAM and clears out unwanted usage by background apps so that you can have hassle-free gaming.

  • ROM MANAGER – Rom Manager is the most popular root apps fro a rooted Android device as it enables you to install flash new ROM  and taste the new versions of Android in your rooted Android smartphones.ROM manager helps you in saving your time as it gives a list of various ROMs to be installed and you don’t have to search for that.

  • SERVICELY –  Servicely is a great app that kills your unwanted background running apps also with the Servicely you can select the services or apps you wanna kill automatically. This is a very handy app for all the rooted users of Android .Servicely comes with both paid and free version.It is also the Best root apps for a rooted android 2017 .

  • LINK2SD – This cool app enables you to move all your apps to your micro sd card in go, you can also move that app which are not movable so like this you can have access to your apps.Link2sd  also comes with both free and paid versions.
  • DUMPSTER –  Dumpster is a great data recovery tool which helps you find the lost or deleted data .This app can be run on non-rooted device but installing this on a rooted Android device will increase the performance of the app. Dumpster can be downloaded from the Google play store for free.

  • ADBLOCK PLUS- This is a must have app for all rooted Android users as this app removes advertisements on your Android device also this app helps in removing unwanted pop-up. Adblock Plus is free to use and can be downloaded from the internet.
  • TITANIUM BACKUP ROOT –  Well this is the most advanced root app as it allows you to go beyond flashing of your android phone.This app helps in backup your data and ROM, You can Backup/restore SMS,MMS,calls,bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML.

  • TASKER – Tasker is a great app for scheduling various tasks.You can schedule any tasks with the help of Tasker .the app is free and has a simple UI.

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So, friends, these were the apps for rooted android phones free download and I hope you liked the article, if so, don’t forget to share it with your social media buddies as we had done great homework on this for making it useful to you.Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.Thanks for visiting Techunol.

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