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Whether you are a music geek or not or passionate about good sound system, you surely understand the fact that a computer is dumb without speakers. Having a good speaker for your computer system is one of the necessary needs. Besides if you are into gaming and watching, listening movies, music all the time then a good speaker is a must have for your system. But difficulty sinks you in when you have to choose a good quality speaker at an affordable price.

Therefore, today we have listed here some of the best computer speakers featuring quality sound that comes under 2000/- in India. If you are planning to buy speakers within a reasonable price then you must check out the below listed speakers before buying. They are from reputed brands providing you with the best quality in sound.

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Some Best Speakers under 2K INR:

Creative SBS A120:

Creative speakers as you all know have been the most oldest and worthy ones of all times in the sphere of computer speakers. This SBS A120 is one of Creative’s latest speakers that come under budgeted speakers giving almost 75 dB output, and is a high quality product. It comes with 4 watts one subwoofer module. The power cable come default with the A120 speaker that is non-removable.

SBS A120 is featured with a remote control system and is made suitable to work with laptops as well. It costs 1800/- as per Indian currency.

 Philips SPA150/94 2.1 Multimedia Speakers:

The SPA150/94 2.1 speaker offers you with 13.8 x 13.8cm size subwoofer and 7 watt total power output. It has USB cable for connection with 2 satellite speakers, and 3.5 mm Aux cable. It is compatible for both computers and laptops. The price of Philips SPA150/94 2.1 Multimedia speaker is approx 1,119/- INR.

 JBL Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

If you are not fond of wires then you can check out this wireless Bluetooth speaker from JBL. JBL is a very familiar name in the world of sound system and is known for its sound quality. It is one of the best brands to come across for its sound paraphernalia. This JBL go has an excellent cancellation feature of echo and noise. It is battery powered with Lithium-ion Polymer battery and takes only two hours for charging. It also comes with a built-in- Mic. The power gives you full 5 hours of audio playback without any interruption. Input power is 3.7 V and output power of this speaker is 1×3 W with a 4.1 Bluetooth connector.

 Portronics Pure Sound:

This speaker from Portronics is another best choice for computer speakers that you can go for under 2000/- INR. This Pure sound audio simply slays the music sound from front. It can also read songs from your SD card, which is a boom. It comes with both headset and USB connectivity port. The speaker is designed in a compact with no compromise in its sound system. It gives sound output of 2W. It also packs 1080 mAh capacity battery and FM radio system. The price range of this speaker is between 1500/- to 1600/- INR.

 Philips SBA3011GRN/00:

If you are looking for a very compact portable under 2k price, then Philips SBA 3011 is the ideal choice for you that come with well built sound system to surprise you for sure. It gives maximum of 2W mono-output sound but has a very decent sound quality. It is battery powered and can be charged using your phone charger. The price of this speaker in India is approx 1200/-.

 Zebronics SW2490:

A very fashionable and stylish looking speaker from Zebronics comes with a LED indicator and is highly portable. It has audio output of 2.1 channel and also offer bass sound feature. This computer speaker is below 2000/- INR and delivers about 85dB sound output.

The above few speakers are the best buy speakers under 2000/- INR. Grab them now and add extra vibe to your computer sound system. They all deliver good sound system. Some are wireless while some are not. Choose the one that best fits your demand and enjoy great audio quality.

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